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Leader in designing and manufacturing professional antennas and components for radio frequency and wireless systems.


Thanks to its engineers and technical staff with dacades of experience, Caletti S.r.l. Is leader in the field of antennas and accessories for military and professional applications on all frequency ranges: HF, VHF, UHF, TETRA, ISM, SHF, WLAN (Bluetooth, ZigBee, etc.), GPS.
Our wide range of products includes portable antennas, vehicular antennas, yagi antennas, fixed and low profile omnidirectional antennas which can be employed on military or paramilitary applications (local police, fire stations, public sucurity), public transportations, taxis, emergency vehicules and industrial, civil applications (industries, industrial transportations, data transmission, telemetry and remote controls.)


Our goal is to provide our Customers with the highest quality products in terms of competitivness, quality and reliability and to contribute to the development of new solutions using our resources and collaborationg with our Customers, whom we support putting particulacular care into our quality service both in terms of quality end product and of meeting delivery dates and managing special orders.

Our staff is glad to offer you competence and rapidity with any reqirement at all times.



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